Lifestyle in Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur, the religious and cultural gateway of India, has a lifestyle that can best be described as traditional, religious and deep rooted in culture. The Gorakhpur Development Authority has been working hard under the aegis of the Uttar Pradesh State Government to maintain the city’s cultural and religious highlights. Apart from renovation and maintenance of historic buildings, the Gorakhpur Development Authority also takes into account the preservation of the city’s cultural heritage and the lifestyle of the city that sets it apart.

Gorakhpur Lifestyle

While most other Indian cities are fast absorbing the glamour of the changing modern world, Gorakhpur still retains its medieval charm to be one of the few Indian cities that portray India for what it truly is, in all its cultural beauty.

Gorakhpur’s day starts off with religious fervour and a lovely blend of harmony at the different temples and shrines dedicated to different religions. Chanting bhajans and religious hymns are an integral part of each morning in Gorakhpur’s households. Residents who are fitness-conscious can be seen walking or jogging early in the morning. In stark contrast to these joggers are the priests and sadhus who go about their morning rituals. In another part of the city, traffic slowly starts to move on the roads, getting ready for office-goers and school-children to begin their day.

Many facets of modernization have seeped into the culture of Gorakhpur and given rise to a number of gyms, spas, beauty parlours and fitness centers that cater to the changing trends. With these new additions, the city begins to adopt a more multi-faceted lifestyle that fulfils the needs of the changing times.

Gyms In Gorakhpur

For the fitness conscious, Gorakhpur boasts of a number of gyms that have all amenities. Some of these are mentioned below.

Shri Hanumant Vyayamshala Deluxe Gym
Swami Dayanand Nagar
Shastri Nagar, Dayanand Nagar
Gorakhpur - 273015
Phone: (91)-9415319151

Life Style Gold Health Club
H No-B39, Near Water Tank
Indian Gas Booking Office Road
Suraj Kund Colony, Gorakhpur-273001
Phone: (91)-551-2250245, (91)-9336447040, (91)-9919802610

VLCC in Gorakhpur
23,Civil Lines
Next to Gokul Marriage Hall
Gorakhpur – 273001
Phone: (91)-551-6451246

The Deluxe Gym
Near Lohiyawa Pull
Gorakhpur Road
Kasia, Gorakhpur - 274402
Phone: (91)-9453548185

Lifestyle Gold Health Club in Gorakhpur
H.N. B-39, Avas Vikash Colony
Suraj Kund Colony, Gorakhpur - 273015
Phone: (91)-9336447040

The World's Gym
Belwa Chungi, Padrauna City
Gorakhpur - 274304
Phone: (91)-9026849140

Weight Loss Centres In Gorakhpur

With weight loss being widely advocated as a healthy option, a number of Gorakhpur’s residents have adopted fitness measures for optimum weight loss. Some centers that cater to these needs are mentioned below.

VLCC Health Care Ltd
23 2nd Floor, Civil Lines Gorkhpur
Next To Gokul Marriage Hall
Gorakhpur HO, Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-551-6451246, (91)-9235611719

Fast Track Health Club in Gorakhpur
The Deluxe Gym, Near Lohiyawa Pull
Gorakhpur Road, Kasia
Gorakhpur - 274402
Phone: (91)-9453548185

The Body Shape in Gorakhpur
Shakti Fitness Point, Sport`s College Road
Khajanchi Chauraha, Gorakhpur HO
Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-551-2502182

Bindass Body Fitness Point
Andhiyari Bagh Chowk
Suraj Kund Road, Gorakhnath Mandir
Gorakhpur - 273015
Phone: (91)-9889524343, (91)-8005455083

Beauty Parlours in Gorakhpur

Everyone loves to look good, and to this end, Gorakhpur boasts of a number of beauty parlours and salons for men and women. A few notable ones in the city are mentioned below.

Osis+ Unisex Salon and Spa
Address: Ashuran Chowk, Near Galaxy Mall, Medical Road
Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh 273001
Mob: +91-9554445222
Email: [email protected]

Hair & Makeup Studio
Address: Medical Road, Bashratpur, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh 273001
Mob: 8858808047
Email: [email protected]

Pacific Blue Salon in Gorakhpur
First Floor Ganga Complex
Betiahata Road, Betiahata
Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-8130595865

Beauty Courses & Treatments Center
A-4/12, Avas Vikas Colony
Suraj Kund Colony, Gorakhpur - 273015
Phone: (91)-7503055401

Best Classic Beauty Parlour in Gorakhpur
C/118/137, Gandhi Nagar
Golghar, Vindyawasini Nagar
Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-551-2331808

Kaya & Kut By Loreal Professionnal
Ganesh Chauraha, Near Classic Cinema Road
Golghar, Gorakhpur HO
Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-9454641500

Florence Beauty Parlour in Gorakhpur
Rapti Complex, Near Ashuran Chowk
Medical Road, Gorakhpur HO
Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-9389849123

Famous Men’s Parlour
Khajanchi Chowk
Medical Road, Gorakhpur HO
Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-7860906840, (91)-9161052767

Kamdev Men’s Parlour
Near Kamal Offset, Durga Wali Road
Gorakhpur HO, Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-8303216070, (91)-7607137521

Boutiques in Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur has some great boutiques that cater to the needs of the fashion conscious. Check out some of the below mentioned boutiques on your next visit to the city.

D Zire in Gorakhpur
Jalan Niketan
Betihata, Gorakhpur HO
Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-9415323434, (91)-9935853000

Tanushree Boutique The Ladies Shop
Gupta Katra, Ambedkar School
Sports Collage Road, Gorakhpur HO
Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-9452189897

Dulhan Beauty Collection
Near Basaratpur Petrol Pump
Medical Road, Gorakhpur HO
Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-9794850118

Fashion Plaza in Gorakhpur
Near Arya Nagar Chowk
Cinema Road, Gorakhpur HO
Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-9236945070

Vinayak Fashion Boutique in Gorakhpur
Betiahatta, Hanuman Mandir Rd
Gorakhpur HO, Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-8004968050

Spas in Gorakhpur

Spas can be relaxing and rejuvenating to the mind and body and Gorakhpur certainly has its share of spas. Some of the popular spas in the city are mentioned below.

Jawed Habib Premium Beauty Parlour
2nd Floor, Om Market Building
Near City Mall and Above Moti Mahal Restaurant
6 Park Road, Gorakhpur HO
Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-551-2203976, (91)-9452228555

Juvena Herbal Beauty Clinic & Aryuvedic Spa
10 & 11, Jalkal Building, Golgarh
Gorakhpur HO, Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-9415378591

Although Gorakhpur, as a city, has not seen much of the modern glitz and glamour that most other cities have seen, there still has been some modernisation that has seeped inside. However, the historical relevance and the city’s rich heritage still reign supreme in Gorakhpur as a whole. While much of the younger crowd as well as changing trends point toward changes in lifestyle, most of its intrinsic historical culture still remains.
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