Healthcare Facilities in Gorakhpur

For a city like Gorakhpur that draws a whole lot of tourists and pilgrims to it each year, it is vital to have a good and well-maintained healthcare system for residents and visitors alike. The Gorakhpur Municipal Corporation currently takes all possible precautions so as to prevent the outbreak of epidemics and keep residents healthy. Gorakhpur has a number of government as well as private hospitals that are ready to come to the aid of anyone who requires medical assistance. Apart from traditional methods of treatment, there are also health alternatives such as homeopathic and allopathic treatment, as well as specialist hospitals. A number of charitable institutions also provide support to the existing healthcare infrastructure in order to spread health awareness and tackle health challenges in even the remotest part of the city.

Gorakhpur Vaccination

No system in the world is perfect and the degradation of the environment combined with growing population has given the healthcare system of Gorakhpur a bit of a challenge of late. Emission of industrial waste polluting the rivers as well as poor standards of living in some sections have led to the outbreak of encephalitis in the city. Since Gorakhpur is susceptible to floods, mosquitoes have a good breeding ground in sections where there is no proper drainage system. This causes the disease to thrive and spread, especially affecting children.

While there is no cure for encephalitis, there are preventive vaccines that the government is administering, in coordination with various healthcare agencies. In 2011, the Central Health Ministry sanctioned Rs. 4,000 crores to combat all strains of encephalitis and the work of reaching all areas that are susceptible to water-borne diseases is an ongoing task.

Periodic vaccination camps are arranged by government agencies as well as charitable organizations to try to combat water-borne diseases such as encephalitis. Camps are also held frequently as part of health and nutrition programmes and to initiate preventive healthcare measures at the community level. Some of the main areas of focus are Polio, tuberculosis, leprosy, immunisation and eye-related ailments such as cataract. At these camps, apart from medical check-ups, there is also free distribution of medicines and referral services for patients for further treatment.

A number of mobile health units have been set up for homeopathic care as well as traditional medicine. A number of people have benefitted from these units that get medical aid to people who might not have the means to travel to a hospital

Healthcare Centres in Gorakhpur

Apart from Government hospitals such as the Gorakhpur Medical College, the Civil Hospital and the Railway Hospital, there are also a number of private hospitals that have taken on much of the city’s ill onto their shoulders. Amongst the most noteworthy of these is the Tertiary Care Sahara Hospital that has been set up by the Sahara India Medical Institute. This 200 bed multi-speciality hospital and is the largest tele-medicine network that covers 220 hospitals. The focus is on getting patients the best possible medical care and the benefit of expert knowledge from across the medical fraternity.

Gorakhpur also boasts of other good hospitals such as Star Hospital, Aryan Hospital, Savitri Hospital and Research Center, Apollo Clinic, Life Line Nursing Home, Anand Lok Hospital and Fatima Hospital. These hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art medical services and can deal with general ailments as well as specialities such as pathology, cardiology, dermatology, psychology, gastroenterology, urology, orthopaedics and dentistry.

Cancer hospitals such as the Hanuman Prasad Poddar Cancer Hospital and the Chaturvedi Cancer Hospital are also a boon to those who combat this disease. Specialists from across the country have contributed to make these hospitals efficient to deal with various types and stages. Other speciality hospitals such as the Sitapur Eye Hospital and Nav Jyoti Eye Hospital take care of eye-related ailments that are rampant. Homeopahtic hospitals and Ayurvedic centers have also sprung up around Gorakhpur for those who prefer alternative healthcare measures and who prefer to stick to natural healing methods. Weight loss centers and fitness centers such as VLCC and the Diet Clinic have also been increasingly popular in recent times among the more fitness-conscious.

Healthcare Tips for Gorakhpur Travellers

While Gorakhpur is a great place to visit, some precautions should be taken by those who are not of this city. Ensure that you drink only pure water from cans or bottles that have an ISI logo on them and that have been sealed. While street food might do well for some, it may be a problem for others. Therefore, be sure to watch what you eat if this is a new experience for you. The city does have a shortage of medical staff so it is vital that you take precautionary measures to avoid unnecessary risks to your health or person so that you can truly enjoy your trip to Gorakhpur.
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