Food in Gorakhpur

Cuisine in India has been the rave of many chefs the world over and much of this is true due to the contribution of different cultures to an overall culinary variety. Gorakhpur has made its own contribution to culinary delights and much can be said about the food here. The city does have its way of turning the most ordinary dish into a delight for taste buds.

From mouth-watering kababs to sweet and savoury dishes that sets your senses tingling, this city has much to offer. Inspired by different cultures, the food in Gorakhpur still retains much of the old Indian influence that was carried along with different empires. If you are a foodie, there are many items on Gorakhpur’s cuisine that are definitely worth a try on your next visit here, and some of these are elaborated here.

Gorakhpur Cuisine

Mughlai Cuisine in Gorakhpur

Perhaps one of the best food experiences that one can enjoy while at Gorakhpur is its mouth-watering Mughlai cuisine. Ranging from mild to spicy, you can enjoy either a complete Mughlai course or partake of the many dishes including koftas and kababs. Try out some lip-smacking pulao or biryani to get a true taste of life in the Mughal court and lose yourself in time. Walk into Tandoor Food near Golghar for the best Mughlai experience of your life This is by far the city’s most famous food joint and is open for dinner only, either to dine-in or take away.

Kakori Kababs of Gorakhpur

While Kakori Kababs fall under the wide net of Mughlai cuisine, they are definitely worth a mention on their own and you should surely taste them on your visit to the city. These kababs are Gorakhpur’s specialty and have earned the city repute far and wide. Part of daily cuisine, you will enjoy sinking your teeth into these flavored, grilled meats. Cooked over a slow fire, every miniscule bit of the rich spices used thoroughly blend into these kababs, making them synonymous with fine dining.

Galawati Kebabs of Gorakhpur

Galawati Kababs

Galawati Kababs literally mean "Kababs that melt in your mouth". While these kababs were originally a solution for an ageing Nawab who was unable to chew meat, they have caught on like wildfire and have even become one of Gorakhpur's traditional dishes. It is said that the original recipe, which remains a secret till date, contained over 100 aromatic spices. These kababs are basically made of spiced minced meat, usually lamb, which is packed over a girdle and grilled. They are then served with Green Coriander Chutney and most restaurants that specialize in it make their own variants of Chutney to give these kababs a unique twist of flavor.

Tandoor Food is a great place to get some of the best Galawati Kababs in the city, as well as Kakori kababs and other tandoori dishes.

Street Food in Gorakhpur

A visit to Gorakhpur is incomplete without indulging in some lip-smacking chaats. Be sure to try out the tangy kanji bada, which is refreshing on a hot summer’s day.

Gorakhpur Chaats

Some of the best chaats in Gorakhpur can be enjoyed at food dhabas such as Mirch Masala, not very far from Gorakhpur City Railway Station. You will enjoy the distinct flavors of Gorakhpur’s chaats, as well as some well known options such as saboodana vada, raj kachori, gol gappe, bhel puri and papri chaat. Top off your chaat with a flavoured drink and you are ready to go, even on the hottest day of the year.

Sweets in Gorakhpur

If you have a sweet-tooth, you will just love the many authentic sweet stores of Gorakhpur that specialize in traditional Indian sweets and pastries. While the best choices and varieties of sweets are available during the Diwali festival, some sweets can be relished all the year round. Be sure to check out Choudhry Hotel near City Mall for some good, clean, high-quality sweets. They are quite similar to NCR’s Haldiram’s and you can get good variety here. Bobi’s Restaurant at Golghar is also a nice place to indulge your sweet-tooth. They have an in-house bakery that serves freshly baked pastries, cakes and other baked delicacies that make your taste buds come alive.
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