Emergency Services in Gorakhpur

Unexpected occurrences can befall a person at any time, and in a city like Gorakhpur, it becomes all the more important to be on the alert. As this city is an important tourist destination with people visiting from far and wide, the local administration has set up various emergency services that enable the smooth functioning of the city even if any untoward incidents occur. Some of these services are blood banks, fire brigades, ambulance services, pharmacies and police hotlines. While the primary administration is by the government of Gorakhpur, additional help comes from private sectors. Given below are some of the emergency numbers in Gorakhpur which can come in handy in various situations.

Gorakhpur Emergency

Ambulance Services in Gorakhpur

Available at any time for all emergencies, the following ambulance services in Gorakhpur are primarily associated with hospitals.

Lasante Health Care Pvt Ltd
Gorakhpur HO,
Gorakhpur – 273001
Phone: (91)-9792102102, 9598102102, (91)-551-3060102, 18001200102

Sarwang Clinic in Gorakhpur
Betiahata, Prem Chand Park Road
Betiahata, Gorakhpur – 273001
Phone: (91)-551-2340176, 2209216

Singh Ambulance Service
Shaktipuram Colony, Near Maina Devi School
Bilandpur Khatta, Gorakhpur HO
Gorakhpur – 273001
Phone: (91)-9695075624

Fire Stations in Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur City’s fire station is managed by the Governmental authorities and can be contacted at the address shown below.

City Fire Station
Gorakhpur HO
Gorakhpur – 273001
Phone: (91)-551-2333333

Blood Banks in Gorakhpur

The following blood banks are primarily associated with hospitals and frequently hold blood donation camps.

City Blood Bank
Prathibha Complex
Jubilee Road Buxipur
Gorakhpur HO, Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-9005430778, (91)-551-2346357, (91)-551-3203540

Sanjevani CSM Medicare Pvt Ltd
Indralok Cinema Compound
Gorakhpur HO, Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-551-2349765

Sanjivini Medicare Pvt Ltd
Betihata, Gorakhpur HO
Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-551-2338797

24-Hour Pharmacy Stores in Gorakhpur

Open at all hours of the day and night, the following pharmacies are a boon for any medical emergency.

Shiwam Medical Stores
Inside Of Kanakbhawan Katra
Jataha Rd, Padrauna City
Gorakhpur – 274304
Phone: (91)-9454028146

Arogya Niketan
Jain Bulding, Main Rd
Kasia, Gorakhpur – 274402
Phone: (91)-9415213778

Adarsh Medical Store
Crossing Bariyarpur, Main Rd
Deoria Sadar R.S.
Gorakhpur - 274001
Phone: (91)-9721225611

Prajapati Medical Store
Raghunath Complex
Tilak Rd, Deoria Sadar R.S.
Gorakhpur - 274001
Phone: (91)-9918394242, (91)-5568-222231

Nirmal Clinic in Gorakhpur
Jankinagar, Padrauna Rd
Padrauna City, Gorakhpur - 274304
Phone: (91)-9838139508

Pooja Medical Store in Gorakhpur
In Front Of Medical College
Medical College Road
Gorakhpur HO, Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-9336402054

Kapur Medical Store
Near Punjab Bank, Main Rd
Pipra Bazar, Gorakhpur - 274305
Phone: (91)-9005385930

Yadav Medical Stores
Near Main Chauraha
Khadda Rd, Naurangia
Gorakhpur - 274305
Phone: (91)-9793477968

Gupta Medical Store Gorakhpur
Khadda Rd, Pipra Bazar
Gorakhpur - 274305
Phone: (91)-9721615702

Rakesh Medical Store
Crossingh Pipra Bazar
Naurangiya Rd, Pipra Bazar
Gorakhpur - 274305
Phone: (91)-9839462855

Chote LAL Medical
Naurangiya Get, Khadda Rd
Naurangia, Gorakhpur - 274305
Phone: (91)-9838597981

Singh Medical Store
Near Naurangia Chauraha
Kapatangang Road, Naurangia
Gorakhpur - 274305
Phone: (91)-9198749101, 9451758358

Pavan Medical Store
In Front Of Seetapur Netra Chikitsalay
College Rd, Fazilnagar
Gorakhpur - 274401
Phone: (91)-9450233367

Mishra Medical Store
National Highway Rd
Fazilnagar, Gorakhpur – 274401
Phone: (91)-9415825506

Police Hotlines in Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur’s police stations have hotline numbers for people to contact them at any time for assistance. Below is a list of these numbers that can come in handy.

Barahalganj Police Station
Phone: 9454403501

Basgaon Police Station
Phone: (91)-9454403502

Belghat Police Station
Phone: (91)-9454403504

Belipar Police Station
Phone: (91)-9454403503

Campiarganj Police Station
Phone: (91)-9454403505

Cantt. Police Station
Phone: (91)-9454403506

Chauri-Chaura Police Station
Phone: (91)-9454403507

Chiluatal Police Station
Phone: (91)-9454403508

Gagha Police Station
Phone: (91)-9454403509

Gola Police Station
Phone: (91)-9454403510

Gorakhnath Police Station
Phone: (91)-9454403511

Gulaharia Bazar Police Station
Phone: (91)-9454403512

Harpurbudahat Police Station
Phone: (91)-9454403513

Jangha Police Station
Phone: (91)-9454403514

Khajni Police Station
Phone: (91)-9454403515

Khorabar Police Station
Phone: (91)-9454403516

Kotwali Police Station
Phone: (91)-9454403517

Mahilathana Police Station
Phone: (91)-9454403518

Piparaich Police Station
Phone: (91)-9454403519

Pipiganj Police Station
Phone: (91)-9454403520

Rajghat Police Station
Phone: (91)-9454403521

Sahajanwa Police Station
Phone: (91)-9454403522

Shahpur Police Station
Phone: (91)-9454403523

Sikriganj Police Station
Phone: (91)-9454403524

Tiwaripur Police Station
Phone: (91)-9454403525

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