Administration in Gorakhpur

Over the years, Gorakhpur has had the distinction of being one of the most visited tourist destinations in Uttar Pradesh. Proper administration of this city helps it retain its charm and provide basic services that are essential to daily living. The administrative structure of Gorakhpur has been planned so as to be able to provide adequate facilities as well as ensure that this city retains its charm and appeal as a tourist spot and pilgrimage.

Gorakhpur Development Authority

Administrative Structure Of Gorakhpur

The administrative structure of Gorakhpur comprises of 3,319 villages that are grouped under 1,233 Gram Sabhas. These Gram Sabhas are further grouped into 191 Nyay Panchayats which are part of 19 Development Blocks. The Development Blocks form part of the 7 Sub-Divisions, or Tehsils of Gorakhpur, each of which is presided over by a Sub-Divisional Magistrate. Click here to get details of administrative officials of Gorakhpur

District Magistrate
Contact No. : 0551-2336005 (O), 0551-2336007 (R)

CM Helpline : 1076
Police Helpline : Dial 112
Women Helpline : 1091
Crime Stopper : 1090
Citizen's Call Centre : 155300
Child Helpline : 1098
Electricity helpline : 1912
Ambulance helpline : 108

Tehsils And Development Blocks

Gorakhpur is divided into the following seven Tehsils, or Sub-Divisions, and their respective Development Blocks:

Tehsil One: Sardar
Development Blocks: Jungle Kaudia, Chargawa, Pipraich, Bhathat, Khorabar

Tehsil Two: Chauri Chaura
Development Blocks: Brahmpur, Sardarnagar

Tehsil Three: Sahjanwa
Development Blocks: Piprauli, Pali, Sahjanwa

Tehsil Four: Khajni
Development Blocks: Belghat, Khajni

Tehsil Five: Campierganj
Development Blocks: Campierganj

Tehsil Six: Bansgaon
Development Blocks: Kauriram, Bansgaon, Gagaha

Tehsil Seven: Gola
Development Blocks: Barhalganj, Gola, Uruwa

The Sub-Divisional Magistrate responsible for each Tehsil oversees allocation of administrative responsibilities and ensures smooth running of the city as a whole. The Gorakhpur Development Authority works extensively along with administrative offices across Tehsils to ensure uniformity of purpose.

Gorakhpur Development Authority

The Gorakhpur Development Authority was established under the Uttar Pradesh Government Municipal Corporation and urban development act of 1973 with the aim of development of infrastructure of the city and to spearhead it on with modern developments. This authority works to not just introduce new attractions and keep Gorakhpur in sync with the developing world, but also works to preserve the city’s ancient attractions and to beautify it.

Address of Gorakhpur Development Authority: Rail Vihar Colony Third Phase, Taramandal, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh – 273 010
Phone: 0551-2334486

Gorakhpur District Court

The Gorakhpur District Court evolved over time from the days of Munsifs in 1862. As Tehsils were set up, the administration of Munsifs became more streamlined and gave rise to District and Session Judges for criminal as well as civil jurisdiction. From August 1, 1945 onwards, separate judgeships and temporary courts were formed for various divisions of Gorakhpur.

Address of Gorakhpur District Court: District Judge, Gorakhpur District Court
Phone: 0551-2335554
E-Mail: [email protected]

Gorakhpur Police

The police in Gorakhpur play an important role in the preservation of law and order and in ensuring that citizens and visitors are safe. They work tirelessly, not only in curbing crime, but also in directing city traffic, maintaining law and order and precautionary checks to prevent crime.

Gorakhpur has the following twenty four police stations to maintain law and order: Chauri Chaura, Gola, Cantonment, Pipiganj, Chiluatal, Kotwali, Harpur Budhat, Uruwa Bazar, Rajghat, Gorakhnath, Tiwaripur, Gulhariya, Belghat, Campierganj, Khorabar, Belipar, Gagaha, Sikriganj, Shahpur, Jhangaha, Sahjanwa, Bansgaon, Gola and Barhalganj.

The Gorakhpur police, apart from maintaining law and order, also have different wings that cover city administration to a large extent. Some of these are as below:
  • Anti Corruption
  • Special Task Force
  • Traffic Directorate
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Special Enquiry
  • Police Telecom
  • Economic Offences
  • Training
  • Government Railway Police

The Gorakhpur Commissioner’s Office manages and controls all of these police wings. In order to facilitate this smoothly, the commissioner’s office is further segregated to efficiently manage different portfolios.

The office administration of the Gorakhpur Commissioner’s Office is as follows:

Commissioner - 0551-2335238
E-Mail: [email protected]

Additional Commissioner (Administration) - 0551-2343873

Additional Commissioner (First) - 0551-2343602

Additional Commissioner (Second, Judicial) - 0551-2333076

The office staff is as follows:

Senior Administrative Officer - 0551-2333076

Personal Assistant - 0551-2336022/ 2335238

Personal Secretary to Commissioner - 0551-2343872

Administrative Officer - 0551-2333076

Judicial Assistant - 0551-2333076

Court Reader - 0551-2333076

Typist - 0551-2333076

Stenographer - 0551-2333076

Secretary to Assistant Commissioner - 0551-2333076

Reader - 0551-2333076

Office Assistant - 0551-2333076

The statistical section of the Commissioner’s office is segregated as follows:

Statistical Officer - 0551-2333076

Statistical Inspector - 0551-2333076

Other important contact details of members of the Gorakhpur law and order force are as below:

District Magistrate – 0551-2336005
E-Mail: [email protected], [email protected]

I.G. Zone, Gorakhpur – 0551-2200797
E-Mail: [email protected], [email protected]

DIG Range, Gorakhpur – 0551-2201047

SSP – 0551-2334629
E-Mail: [email protected]

C.D.O. – 0551-2335927
E-Mail: [email protected]

ADM (F/R) – 0551-2337291

ADM (E) – 0551-2335949

ADM (City) – 0551-2335430

City Magistrate – 0551-2338509

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