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Society in Gorakhpur

Religious pilgrims, interested tourists, busy residents – you will find a blend of these three categories of people when you visit Gorakhpur. With a number of sights and sounds to enjoy in this city, the sorrow, poverty and suffering that are general to all mankind is often forgotten. Diseases claim lives. Poverty in some sections of society is rampant. The price paid as a result of natural disasters and floods comes in the form of lives lost. The living bear the burden of carrying on amidst their suffering. This is the reality that lies beneath the charm of Gorakhpur, and it is this reality that reflects life and society as it is.

Gorakhpur NGOs

With much work being carried on to beautify Gorakhpur and maintain its historical monuments, there are often times that people are forgotten in the midst of these efforts. Destitution, poverty and abandonment certainly do exist here and in view of this, there are a number of charitable organizations that have come forward to work with people and help them.

Gorakhpur has a number of orphanages and old age homes that help little children live a full life, and help senior citizens live the remainder of their lives with dignity. There are also various organizations and associations that are committed to helping the poor, needy and physically challenged to live a fuller life.

A number of non-governmental organizations have sprung up to care for the needs of people as well as the environment. These NGOs work independently, but are in some cases funded by the Government for common causes and projects. Many of them work towards the betterment of the environment and health of the city and its surrounding regions, while other organizations are more focused on specific causes such as the needs of the disabled.

Gorakhpur Orphanage

While the Government offer support and funds to an extent to orphanages, most of these institutions in Gorakhpur are run by non-governmental organizations and charitable agencies. Funds, donations, clothes, toys and other essentials are collected either on an on-going basis or during special fund-raising camps. Apart from providing food, clothing and shelter for Gorakhpur’s children, these organizations also take care of their education and get them started off in life.

CHILDLINE in Gorakhpur

CHILDLINE is one of India’s largest child rescue and rehabilitation centres. Apart from caring for orphans and abandoned children, they also help rehabilitate battered children and help them get a fresh start in life. CHILDLINE also helps these children learn a vocation so that they will have a means of living when they reach their majority.

Phone Number (Toll Free): 1098

Children Of Mother Earth Gorakhpur

Children of Mother Earth (COME) is part of the North Eastern Railways Women's Welfare Organization and aims at providing children with a safe home, good food, education and assistance for them to live a full life get a good start on their adulthood with all the possible assistance that they would need.

Children of Mother Earth Address: Awadhpuri, Pharsar P.O., Brahalganj, Gorakhpur HO, Gorakhpur- 273001
Phone: (91)-9415218611

Apart from caring for the needs of orphaned and abandoned children, many agencies and organizations have also come forward to care for the needs of older people and help them live their life with dignity. The plight of the elderly and infirm is a rarely discussed fact, but nevertheless, is still a reality. Many senior citizens are rendered homeless by their own family as well as circumstances, and for these ones, help is available at some of Gorakhpur’s safe and well-maintained shelters. Living through one’s twilight years with dignity is made possible here.

Blind Welfare Society in Gorakhpur

For those without physical vision, the various NGOs of Gorakhpur city offer a lifetime of vision. One such NGO is the Virjanand Blind Welfare Mission. With its base in New Delhi, this mission has expanded its base to cover cities such as Gorakhpur to help the blind. This mission focuses on helping the blind with a literacy program that can empower them to live a fuller life. They also offer free medicine, health care and help people improve the quality of their life by learning a skill and being self-employed.

Virjanand Blind Welfare Mission
Phone: (91)-9910101611

Blind Welfare Society Gorakhpur

Many charitable organizations are initiated with a special focus on women’s needs. With crime against women growing in various forms, these initiatives are especially beneficial to the poor and downtrodden who face the brunt of society. Many women’s organizations also focus on empowering women to be able to start their own business and earn a livelihood in order to provide a stable future for themselves and their children in the absence of their husbands.

Orphanages in Gorakhpur

With an aim to get children off the streets of Gorakhpur and help them build a bright future, a number of Government-sponsored organizations as wells as NGOs have come forward to offer their help. Here is a list of orphanages in Gorakhpur.

Jan Jagriti Seva Sansthan
Gorakhpur – 273004
Phone: (91)-551-2507990, (91)-7388246035

Nari Pragati Niketan
H No 68, Krishna Nagar Private Colony
Basharatpur, Gorakhpur - 273004
Phone: (91)-551-2503449

Samagik Kalyan Sewa Sansthan
Gorakhnath Sahar Gorakhpur
Gorakhpur HO, Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-551-2322867

Sanidhya Avadh Subhadra Seva Sansthan
482 D, Shriram Puram
Mohaddipur, Gorakhpur HO
Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-551-2200509

Saraswati Seva Sansthan
Ujjarpar Post, Barhalganj
Gorakhpur HO, Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-8009136664

Sharad Sava Sansthan Nsthan
130 G, Pragati Vihar
New Dharampur, Gita Vatika Road
Gorakhpur HO, Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-551-2280422

Surabhi Sustainable Rural Development Institution
485 Pryagpuram P.O.
Shivpuri Nai Colony
Gorakhpur - 273016
Phone: (91)-551-2323714

Women Welfare in Gorakhpur

Women Welfare Society Gorakhpur

Growing waves of crime against women across the country have also penetrated Gorakhpur, and hence there has arisen the need for various agencies and organizations to come forward to help the women of this city.

Asian Sahyogi Sanstha

42, Jail Road
Gita Vatika, Gorakhpur - 273004
Phone: (91)-551-2281017, (91)-551-2283690

Baba Sahab Bhim Rao Ambedkar Seva Sansthan
Vill-Kasaila P.O., Khalilabad
Gorakhpur HO, Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-9415974736

Indian Muslim Rehabilitation Development Committee
Railway Station Road
Gorakhpur HO, Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-551-2209933

Jan Jagriti Sewa Samiti
North Humayupur Ahir Toli
Gorakhpur HO, Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-551-2255714, (91)-8004091499

Mahila & Ball Vikash Sansthan
Vimala Bhavan
Opposite Sundaram Marriage House
Ramjanki Nagar Block A, Basharatpur
Gorakhpur - 273004
Phone: (91)-9919759529, (91)-7786883373

Nadeem Gram Vikas Seva
Saraya New Market, Chauri Chaura
Sardar Nagar, Gorakhpur - 273202
Phone: (91)-551-2711494

Parivartan Welfare Society
Durgapuram, Rustampur
Near Pthra Primary School
Shivpuri New Colony, Gorakhpur - 273016
Phone: (91)-551-2108409, (91)-9936770141

Veena Shiksha Samiti
Hajaripur, Gorakhpur HO
Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-551-2252175

Saraswati Sewa Sansthan
7, Reed Sahab Dharmshala
Nagar Nigam
Betiahata, Gorakhpur HO
Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-9335446800

Samagik Kalyan Sewa Sansthan
Gorakhnath Sahar
Gorakhpur HO
Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-551-2322867

Joti Jan Sewa Sansthan
Bichoupur Marahtha
Gorakhpur HO
Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-9794463258

Old Age Homes in Gorakhpur

Some of Gorakhpur’s old age homes are listed below.

Divya Dristi Samaj Kalyan Welfare Society
H.No-325, Bakshipur
Gorakhpur HO, Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-551-6457263

Dronacharya Sewa Sansthan
Dronacharya Sewa Sansthan Vill
Goitha P.O., Pasai District
Sant Kabir Nagar, Gorakhpur HO
Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-9473899647

Dristi The Vision
513,Chote Kajipur
Gorakhpur HO, Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-551-2280201

Joti Jan Sewa Sansthan
Bichoupur Marahtha
Gorakhpur HO, Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-9794463258

Late Shri Jethu Prasad Ambedkar Sewa Sansthan
Kanshiram Awas Gorakhpur
Gorakhpur HO, Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-551-2321571

Madhaw Paryavaran Vikas Sansthan
Mohalla Shakti Nagar Colony
Gorakhpur HO, Gorakhpur – 273001
Phone: (91)-9559969285

Madrasa Darussalam
Madrasa Darussalam Pakrihwa Ramnagar
Gorakhpur HO, Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-9984821369

Natural Vision Social Welfare Association Gorakhpur
Dughara Tahsil - Gola Zila
Gorakhpur HO, Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-551-2321555

Nature Support Trust
Adjacent To Gorakhnath Police Station
Gorakhpur HO, Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (91)-551-2250582

Pratap Gram Udyog Gramin Seva Sansthan
Vill Jungle Akhlas Kunwar
Kakrakhor Post, Gorakhpur HO
Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone: (01)-551-2270015

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