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Picnic Spots in Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur is a place that is well-renowned for its cultural, historic and religious appeal, and it draws a number of tourists to it each year. It is well known for its cultural preservation, amidst a world that is increasingly cosmopolitan. If you would like to take a look at India in all the glorious past, and live with the various changes that time has wrought on the lives of people, then Gorakhpur is definitely the best place to visit to make culture and history come alive. Apart from being an interesting tourist destination for those who revel in culture, Gorakhpur also offers some great places to relax and unwind from the stresses of daily life. A visit to this city need not be filled with just going from one place to another – there are also interesting spots where you can relax and unwind and be refreshed.

There is no dearth of picnic spots throughout the length and breadth of Gorakhpur, as a visit to this historic city will show you. Among the many places at which you can spend some quiet time with your family is the Arogya Mandir.

Arogya Mandir

Arogya Mandir

The Arogya Mandir is primarily a center for naturopathy and holistic wellness therapies. Set amidst sprawling grounds of 4 acres, there are a number of serene spots where you can spend some quiet time with your family. Apart from the therapies offered by this place, a picnic at Arogya Mandir will also help you feel better, naturally.

How to Reach: Arogya Mandir can be easily reached by hiring an auto-rickshaw or a cycle-rickshaw, or by boarding a city bus. It lies just 4 kilometers from the city railway station, and can be easily reached from the heart of the city.

What to Look for: If you are a person who advocates or indulges in holistic therapies, then you can take time out during your picnic to spend time at some of Arogya Mandir’s rejuvenation centres. There are various therapies offered here, including yoga, massage and pranayam. The lush greenery in which this healing centre is set, certainly aids to the therapies that are offered here.

In line with looking at naturally scenic places, one cannot forget the Ramgarh Taal and the Ambedkar Park that lie beside each other. On a visit to one place, it is almost impossible to be without visiting the other, located as they are in lush greenery.

Ramgarh Taal and Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Park

The Ramgarh Taal lake is a lovely spot to visit, and is one of the city’s oldest lakes. It has a rich historical past, and draws thousands of visitors to it each year. The Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Park was established much more recently, but its lush greenery is a perfect place for a picnic.

How to Reach: Hire a cycle-rickshaw or auto-rickshaw from any part of the city to Circuit House, near to which the lake and park are located.

What to Look for: When visiting Ramgarh Taal, look out for fishermen at work, or take a boat ride along the waters. If you are there at the right time, you might also get to see some of the migratory birds as they stop over at the lake.

Stepping over to the Ambedkar Park, you can spend some quiet time with your family and let your kids enjoy the rides that have been set up for their amusement. The beautiful fountain in the center of the park also beckons one to revel in nature’s beauty.

Gorakhpur’s natural beauty can also be extended to its cultural heritage, which is clearly preserved in its museums. The Purvayatana Archaeological Museum is one place you can visit with your family on a picnic, and get acquainted with the city’s rich cultural past.

Purvayatana Archaeological Museum in Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur has achieved a great measure of renown because of its past, and much of this is showcased in the Purvayatana Archaeological Museum. Many artefacts find their home here, and there is strong testimony here to the passing of times and ages.

How to Reach: This museum is located on the campus of the University of Gorakhpur and can be easily reached either by boarding a city bus, or hiring a cycle-rickshaw or auto-rickshaw from any part of the city.

What to Look for: On a visit to this museum, you should definitely look out for coins and coin casts, sculptures, casts of sculptures, photographs, stumpages, beads, pottery and stone tools. This well-maintained museum is managed by the Department of Ancient Indian History, Archaeology and Culture of Gorakhpur University.

Picnic Spots near Gorakhpur

Apart from picnic spots and places to relax within Gorakhpur city, there are some attractions in the surrounding regions that are certainly worth a visit. Terracotta Town, located at a distance of around 17 kilometers from the city, has achieved much renown across the world.

Terracotta Town

Terracotta Town

If you are a person who loves to watch the potter at his wheel and watch his skilled hands make a lump of clay come alive, then you should visit Terracotta Town. Apart from pottery, there are numerous terracotta products that find life here, and which have made their way around the world, to make this cluster of villages famous.

How to Reach: The best way to reach Terracotta Town is to hire a taxi to drive over there.

What to Look for: Look out for some of the best terracotta products in the world. Made in extremely artistic form, these products can either be purchased in their raw form or overlaid with vibrant colours, depicting the cultural heritage that India has long been proud of.

If you love nature, you will certainly want to visit the Bakhira Bird Sanctuary, lying at a distance of around 52 kilomteres from the heart of the city.

Bakhira Bird Sanctuary

This sanctuary comes under the jurisdiction of the Divisional Forest officer of the Sohagi Harwa Wildlife Division of Gorakhpur. Spreading over 28.94 square kilometers, the Bakhira Bird Sanctuary is home to many resident as well as migratory birds.

How to Reach: The Bakhira Bird Sanctuary is easily accessible by road, through NH-28 and then on through the Khalilabad-Bansi road.

What to Look for: Look out for various varieties of wildlife and migratory birds especially during winter. There are also a number of hydrophytic plants and aquatic animals that can be seen in their natural habitat. Some birds travel as much as 5000 kilometers, from Siberia, Europe, China and Tibet, to migrate here during winter.

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