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Barbeque, Chaat, Chocolate, cookies, Dal Rice, Fruits, Hot Dog, Ice Creams, Indian Breads, Kadai Milk, Mocktail, Pizza, Salad, Sandwich, Soup, South Indian, sweets, Vegetables, Waffles

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G Star Wedding
G Star Wedding
G Star Wedding
G Star Wedding
G Star Wedding
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Facilities & Services by G Star Wedding

  • Kadai Milk
    Kadai Milk
  • Chocolate Tart
    Chocolate Tart
  • Dark Chocolate
    Dark Chocolate
  • Macrons
  • Mint Chocolate
    Mint Chocolate
  • Chocolate Bath
    Chocolate Bath
  • The Monster Cookie
    The Monster Cookie
  • Taco Chocolate
    Taco Chocolate
  • White Dum
    White Dum
  • Dark Dum
    Dark Dum
  • Chocolate Bite
    Chocolate Bite
  • Almond Biscutei
    Almond Biscutei
  • Chocolate Cookies
    Chocolate Cookies
  • Oats Cookies
    Oats Cookies
  • Screwsburry Cookies
    Screwsburry Cookies
  • Fruit Counter
    Fruit Counter
  • Fruit Glass
    Fruit Glass
  • Orange Waffle
    Orange Waffle
  • Strawberry Waffle
    Strawberry Waffle
  • Banana Caramaelwaffle
    Banana Caramaelwaffle
  • Chocolate Waffle
    Chocolate Waffle
  • Chocolate Roll Ice Cream
    Chocolate Roll Ice Cream
  • Peru Roll Ice Cream
    Peru Roll Ice Cream
  • Pan Masala Roll Ice Cream
    Pan Masala Roll Ice Cream
  • Fruit Sundae
    Fruit Sundae
  • Waffle Chocolate Sundae
    Waffle Chocolate Sundae
  • Melting Chocolate Bowl
    Melting Chocolate Bowl
  • Waffle Brownie with Vanilla
    Waffle Brownie with Vanilla
  • Waffle Fruit Sundae
    Waffle Fruit Sundae
  • Fruit Candy Sticks
    Fruit Candy Sticks
  • Candy Kulfi With Dips
    Candy Kulfi With Dips
  • Ice Cream Tacos
    Ice Cream Tacos
  • Barbeque Ice Cream
    Barbeque Ice Cream
  • American Hot Dog
    American Hot Dog
  • Chinese Hot Dog
    Chinese Hot Dog
  • Indian Hot Dog
    Indian Hot Dog
  • Mexican Hot Dog
    Mexican Hot Dog
  • Paneer Tikka Sandwich
    Paneer Tikka Sandwich
  • Plain Croissant
    Plain Croissant
  • Veg. Junglee Sandwich
    Veg. Junglee Sandwich
  • Veg. Kadai Sandwich
    Veg. Kadai Sandwich
  • Cheese Grill Sandwich
    Cheese Grill Sandwich
  • Paneni Grill
    Paneni Grill
  • Colslow Sandwich
    Colslow Sandwich
  • Sev Puri Sandwich
    Sev Puri Sandwich
  • Pin Wheel Sandwich
    Pin Wheel Sandwich
  • Ring Sandwich
    Ring Sandwich
  • Potato Bharwana
    Potato Bharwana
  • Corn Paneer Dim Sum
    Corn Paneer Dim Sum
  • Mix Veg. Dim Sum
    Mix Veg. Dim Sum
  • Mix Veg. Dil Leaf Dim Sum
    Mix Veg. Dil Leaf Dim Sum
  • Paneer Tikka Dim Sum
    Paneer Tikka Dim Sum
  • Ethiopian Pizza
    Ethiopian Pizza
  • Melano Pepper Pizza
    Melano Pepper Pizza
  • Tandoori Pizza
    Tandoori Pizza
  • Peri Peri Pizza
    Peri Peri Pizza
  • Cocas Pizza
    Cocas Pizza
  • Greek Pizza
    Greek Pizza
  • Macaroni Pizza
    Macaroni Pizza
  • Oriental Tofu Pizza
    Oriental Tofu Pizza
  • Spanish Pizza
    Spanish Pizza
  • Pasta Pizza
    Pasta Pizza
  • Dahi Dhokla Chat
    Dahi Dhokla Chat
  • Dehati Paneer Chat
    Dehati Paneer Chat
  • Kadhi Kachori Chat
    Kadhi Kachori Chat
  • Palak Cheese Tikki Chat
    Palak Cheese Tikki Chat
  • Tirangi Tikki Chat
    Tirangi Tikki Chat
  • Dahi Tikki
    Dahi Tikki
  • Makhana Chaat
    Makhana Chaat
  • Tamater Chaat
    Tamater Chaat
  • Vitamin Bhel
    Vitamin Bhel
  • Bom Chaat
    Bom Chaat
  • Hot Kimchi Salad
    Hot Kimchi Salad
  • Hot Corn Salad
    Hot Corn Salad
  • Garden Salad
    Garden Salad
  • Ice Burg Salad
    Ice Burg Salad
  • Fruit Cocktail Salad
    Fruit Cocktail Salad
  • Bake Con Moli
    Bake Con Moli
  • Burod Corn Salad
    Burod Corn Salad
  • Red Mexican Beans Salad
    Red Mexican Beans Salad
  • Seta Veg. Salad
    Seta Veg. Salad
  • Pancum Salad
    Pancum Salad
  • Amndiya Oola Kadhi
    Amndiya Oola Kadhi
  • Bread Sandwich Dosa
    Bread Sandwich Dosa
  • Chili Mili Wada
    Chili Mili Wada
  • Classic Uttapam
    Classic Uttapam
  • Khakhra Dosa
    Khakhra Dosa
  • Khusboo Idly
    Khusboo Idly
  • Makhmali Dosa
    Makhmali Dosa
  • Sandwich Dosa
    Sandwich Dosa
  • Sandwich Idly
    Sandwich Idly
  • Sev Puri Uttapam
    Sev Puri Uttapam
  • Dal Fry
    Dal Fry
  • Dal Khichdi
    Dal Khichdi
  • Dal Tadka
    Dal Tadka
  • Hydrabadi Biryani
    Hydrabadi Biryani
  • Jeera Rice
    Jeera Rice
  • Pakoda Kadhi
    Pakoda Kadhi
  • Peas Jeera Rice
    Peas Jeera Rice
  • Khichiya Papad
    Khichiya Papad
  • Garlic Bread
    Garlic Bread
  • Missi Roti
    Missi Roti
  • Puri
  • Ulte Tawe Ki Roti
    Ulte Tawe Ki Roti
  • Fulka Rotli
    Fulka Rotli
  • Tiranga Naan
    Tiranga Naan
  • Reverse Undhiyu
    Reverse Undhiyu
  • Veg. Afghani
    Veg. Afghani
  • Litchi Badam
    Litchi Badam
  • Veg. Jalfrazi
    Veg. Jalfrazi
  • Roll Celoliny
    Roll Celoliny
  • Paneer Koliwada
    Paneer Koliwada
  • Paneer Tikka Masala
    Paneer Tikka Masala
  • Paneer Chatpata
    Paneer Chatpata
  • Paneer Resamiya
    Paneer Resamiya
  • Paneer Badam Pasanda
    Paneer Badam Pasanda
  • Badam Choco
    Badam Choco
  • Badam Punch
    Badam Punch
  • Baked Sangam
    Baked Sangam
  • Brownie Fusion
    Brownie Fusion
  • Choco Cherry
    Choco Cherry
  • Coconut Surrpise
    Coconut Surrpise
  • Cookies Delight
    Cookies Delight
  • Jamun Kali
    Jamun Kali
  • Paan Masala
    Paan Masala
  • Ras Gola Shot
    Ras Gola Shot
  • Broccoli Almond Soup
    Broccoli Almond Soup
  • Zed Soup
    Zed Soup
  • Tom Yum Soup
    Tom Yum Soup
  • Sweet Corn Soup
    Sweet Corn Soup
  • Palak Paneer Soup
    Palak Paneer Soup
  • Palak Paneer Soup
    Palak Paneer Soup
  • Creamy Italian Soya Bean Broccoli Soup
    Creamy Italian Soya Bean Broccoli Soup
  • Tuscon Beans Soup
    Tuscon Beans Soup
  • Mexican Veg. Soup
    Mexican Veg. Soup
  • Tomato Coconut Soup
    Tomato Coconut Soup
  • Kimchi Soup
    Kimchi Soup
  • Chilli Mojito
    Chilli Mojito
  • Donald's
  • Green Godess
    Green Godess
  • Melon Cooler
    Melon Cooler
  • Tang Mojito
    Tang Mojito
  • White Ice Burg
    White Ice Burg
  • Mojito

About Us - G Star Wedding

G Star Wedding is a leading events and entertainment management company based in Gorakhpur that takes pride in arranging truly unforgettable wedding celebrations. We work tirelessly to ensure that every element of the event unravels exactly as visualized. We work on path-breaking ideas to ensure high quality, customized and cost-effective services to our clients.

G Star Weddings believe that wedding is the celebration of the blending of two souls and the opportunity for their families to bond for a lifetime. Therefore we carry out the function with keen enthusiasm, making your experience once in a lifetime.

We command unmatched expertise in providing catering services. Besides helping our clients design their wedding menu, we ensure to serve delicious and aromatic cuisines to tantalize the taste buds of the guests. Moreover, our elegantly designed tent remains exclusive in several terms such as design, quality, style, and theme of the event. With the beautiful flowers, dazzling lights and exceptional backdrop, we ensure to make the wedding venue pleasant and attractive.

We endeavour to create an exhilarating experience for the couple, their families and their guests by taking all the hassles and stress of wedding planning and execution on ourselves. We have in-house experts to manage the venue, stage design, guest relations, decor, catering and gifts items to make your wedding celebration worth reminiscing for years.

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